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Bring Your Properties To Life With VR

As a Builder, sell your upcoming project upto 31% faster and at upto 9% premium prices.



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VR is THE Powerful Way to Stand Out

Home buyers invest their life savings so that they can own the home of their dreams. And they spend between 2.5 to 4.5 months before they make a purchasing decision.

And so, if you don't get their attention by blowing their minds up when they visit you, it's highly likely that they won't buy from you!

Transforming your property into a Virtual Reality experience can do that magic for you!

Convrse Spaces makes that magic happen 

Making it incredibly experiential & easy for every property buyer to find and own the property of their dreams, long before laying a single brick in construction.

HOW we make it happen

We build "proprietary" cutting-edge technologies that work miracles to create one-of-a-kind immersive experience of upcoming properties.

WHAT do we offer

Convrse Spaces brings Virtual Reality to Real Estate Visualisations. We provide Real Estate developers with Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs of their upcoming projects. 

And, we bring your properties to life through Renders, Walkthrough Videos, Interior Design, Exterior Design

To go from stop being stuck in 2D to solve 3D problems, and truly amazing your clients.


To go beyond Blueprints, Floor-Plans and Still Photos. Quit trying to paint a picture in the buyer’s head.


To ensure that your upcoming Project stands out from Competition and you sell faster in Pre-completion stage.


Pre-completion sales matter because today 28% stock stands unsold in Fully constructed properties.


How It Works!

Getting your next upcoming project on VR is super easy. You don’t have to be an expert at this to start using it.

Step 1

Share with us your Architectural Drawings and Design Preferences

Step 2

Give us just 2 weeks to build the entire structure in VR

Step 3

We deliver a beautiful walkthrough to you in a custom VR headset.

Step 4

Next, just put the headset on your prospects when they come in, and watch the property sell itself.

And many more...

Leapfrog into the Future Now!

And make selling your upcoming property easier, faster, and more efficient by blowing away the imagination of your prospects. 

Vikrant Singh

Anshul Padyal

Vishesh Khatri


Meet The Team

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